Simgo believes our partners can
offer unique value in their
specific niche markets.

Simgo works primarily through our partners. Simgo will in turn build other partnerships and alliances to bring additional revenue opportunities to our working partners.

Distribution & Channel

Simgo works with in-country and/or regional distributors to
bring our product to market. These partners will market, sell
and support their customers by offering our best-in-class
solutions to the market.


Simgo works with OEM partners by providing our patented
technology at platform level, integrating different technology
components to create new solutions addressing market needs.


Simgo builds alliances and partnerships with service providers,
mobile operators, assurance partners and other end user
facing organizations to create an ecosystem that brings value
to all our partners and end users alike.

Technology & IOT

Simgo partners with leading technology providers leveraging
their technical expertise as well as IOT partners who have
unique market expertise to develop best-in-class solutions.