Simgo's vSIM (vSIM™) technology is disrupting the mobile ecosystem

Simgo's virtual SIM (vSIM™) platform dynamically reprograms vSIM enabled devices, according to business requirements. By efficiently managing SIM cards remotely, automatically, and in real-time, Simgo ensures its customers with the best available service, coverage and tariffs.



Innovators. Dreamers.

Simgo is the world’s leading developer of virtual SIM (vSIM™) technology for cellular devices. Its patented, award- winning platform moves the provisioning of mobile services and SIM card management from the cellular devices to a cloud-based, centralized system with global reach. In doing so, Simgo empowers subscribers, operators, service providers and device manufacturers to easily and efficiently deploy large-scale, complex global cellular voice and data multi-operator mobile services.

Deploying large scale, global cellular services is difficult

For many organizations, manual provisioning and management remains the norm due to its structural manner – all types of cellular devices still use SIM cards to connect to the mobile network.  Furthermore, these SIM cards are still bound to an operator, creating seemingly insurmountable operational difficulties for large deployments including inconsistent coverage, service limitations; high/unpredictable costs.

Simgo's vSIM™ solve Enterprise and IoT/M2M operational complexities

Simgo’s vSIM™ technology solves the operational complexities of deploying large scale global cellular service for enterprises and IoT/M2M. The Simgo platform automates the manual processes inherent in legacy provisioning and management by dynamically and automatically reprogramming the SIM card remotely, in real-time.

Global Presence. International Partnerships.

Founded in 2014, with offices in Israel and the U.S.A.



The Possibilities Are Endless

Simgo's vSIM technology provides cost-effective and revenue generating solutions for enterprises, strategic partners, system integrators and resellers.  Using Simgo-based services and products, customers can develop, market and sell solutions that are disrupting the way people communicate over their mobile devices today.   If you are challenged by managing large scale, global, cellular devices, Simgo has you covered across the enterprise and IoT/M2M industries.

We started by integrating our virtual SIM technology within our own top of the line mobile hotspot that reduces users mobility costs while boosting productivity and user experience. These solutions include eliminating 100% of roaming costs, increases quality of service and superior secured internet conectivity. The solution provides a full user experience without requiring any behavioral changes. and enhanced connectivity.



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